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We pride ourselves on our professionalism, but don't just take our word for it; you can read what our co-owners and board members have said:

​As a member of the Board for *****, I can speak first hand as to quality of this management company. We recently changed from another management company that had represented our community for many, many years. Therefore, switching was no easy task! However laborious the process, once the change was made, there was no comparison. No longer did important points of business fall through the cracks. No longer were the condo association rules and regulations ignored. No longer were important documents left unprovided to the board and no longer did the board have to continuously remind the management company to act on decisions made. We are very pleased with the professionalism, availability, efficiancy and proactive services of Mister Management and highly recommend this business and their staff.

-Rose 2022

2022 over 3 plus years with Mister Management I could not be happier with Nichole & Mister Management. I was on the Homeowners Association Board, Maples of Novi 2017 & 2018. Nichole was responsive, professional, full of great knowledge, ideas and guidance. Above all fiscally responsible at maintaining the value and building integrity of our homes. Wonderful job Mister Management! Kind Regards Nigel

-Nigel 2022

​This company has been absolutely amazing to work with. As a property manager for a large investment company, I have dealt with all types of HOA company's. Normally it takes way to long to respond or to even get in touch with. Lori has been an amazing help getting our condo ready, always responded in a timely manor and went above and beyond

-Marshe 2022

Have dealt with and worked with this Management company for years and seen them adapt to the ever changing needs of HOA's. They always strive to manage the many demands that come there way with great professionalism and consideration to all. They are versed in many areas of property management and you can trust they will take the utmost care of your property.

-Timberline 2022

​A huge thank you to Josh from Mister Management! I called him yesterday and was freaking out because I had ants in my kitchen. He said he would put a work order in for the extermination company that they contract with. I didn’t expect them to come until next week. Much to my surprise they showed up today! Two thumbs up for Josh getting on this issue right away. I know he could hear my concern over the phone.

-Elisabeth 2022

​​I have been in my condo for over 5 years in Brighton. In that time, Mister Management has always exhibited professional and friendly services. I recently had an issue at my unit. I called Mister Mangement with my concerns. They addressed my inquiry in a timely matter and took great care to resolve of my situation. Mister Management is also diligent in regards to taking the time to walk around the complex occasionally. Dave and his team personally takes time to check up on the common ground areas and investigates the outside units for future maintenance if needed. It is that personal touch that I feel is important for me to want to take the time and write this comment.
Dave and his staff are top notch!

-Janet  2022

​​​​Lori, it appears that today we have closed on the sale of my brothers condo in Belleville. You have been of great assistance both to my bother while he was alive, and while we have managed his Trust these past few years. Thank you and the rest of your team for all your assistance. I appreciated your professionalism and responsiveness. 
All the best.

-Sandy 10/2017

Thanks Adam for being on top of this so diligently
-Joe 2/22/17

Awesome, pat yourself on the back!! (No, no, really)
Thanks Adam

- James 2/09/17

I wanted to take a moment to say 'THANK YOU' for your time and effort you put into our meeting last evening.  I remember mentioning to you we wanted to have a professional meeting and that's exactly what you gave us!  From the unexpected slides to the speakers it was an overwhelming job well done.  We had so many thank you's before and especially after the meeting that I'm still somewhat shocked.  In addition I personally  have received two calls up to this time this morning each expressing thanks and for so completely explaining this project.  I've sat through many meetings here concerning many different topics and have never seen a turnout as we had last night!  You should also know several people made a point to tell me how very happy they are with your management company.  I hope they all made a point to tell you both in person!

So again, in behalf of Tracy, Sean and myself, thank you.

-Board Member 2/09/17

Hi Nichole, 
The garage remote control was fixed in 5 mins! The guy was really good! Thank you! Thank you for the prompt respond on repairing, I am glad I purchased this property!
Have a good day!
– Jenny 5-4-2016


Hi Dave,
I want to thank you for all that you do for us. Also thank you for taking prompt action for cleaning up the front of condo. Wish I could still do it myself. I liked doing it. Thank you
Pat S. 5-1-2016


I so agree that Nicole is amazing! I have been living here for many years and to be honest, I pulled away from my involvement with the community after I got to know Dan Cunningham a bit. Not positive that Property Manager was the best job for him. He was self-centered and also...rude to neighbors/co-owners with questions or concerns. Nicole is the opposite of Dan and very caring and concerned with our issues. I’m very glad the Board went with Mr Management and Nicole!! A breath of fresh air!
Jaye 5-24-16


Thanks! You are really great to work with and I appreciate everything.
Karen 6-6-2016


Thanks very much for the support of the Board you expressed at the meeting last night and your reply to Sean's email (a few days back).  *** is very fortunate to have you as our managing agent.  You make all of us better!


It was a pleasure talking with you this morning, Nichole ~ and thank you for all of your helpful guidance ~ and the Modification Form! 
Jackie 6-30-2016

THANKS!  What a pleasure to work with you.  As I stated before, I am not accustomed to this; it feels GOOD and nice to be heard. 
Mary Ann 6-30-2016

Lori, Thank you for your excellent customer satisfaction to **********, Sincerely,

Hi Dave, Thank you for all the effort that Mister Management does. You are a good company. I appreciate you looking into the lawn area in front of my unit.


First of all, Mister Management has done a superior job in having the carport(s) repaired. Thank you all so much! It looks great, and whatever it cost, had to have been much less than previously quoted.
Thanks again. Esther


First, I think you all are doing a great job!! Thank you so much for that! We needed a property manager who really cared about our property!
I really appreciate your communication about our property and the attention being paid to it! 
- Jaye 12/09/15

Good morning Nichole 
     I will look it over and get back to you with questions. Thank you for guiding ICA in the right direction, it is nice to have a professional company to work with. It has been a pleasure since Mister Management and yourself have taken over. Have a very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year.
-Bud Y. 12/23/2015

  I no longer wonder whether my monthly fees are well-spent and whether the Association is being well-managed thanks to you and the rest of the Mister Management Team.
–Doug 02/25/13


I also was glad to see that, finally, we have a Management Company that is willing and able to show some guidance when required.
–Doug 03/01/13

As a person with a similar background, I really appreciate how well your system works and the reports you provide. Thanks.
– Bob 06/06/12

Thank you all for all your hard work. You all do a great & professional job.
I appreciate you guys!!
Joy – 12/01/12

You all are so great to work with. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.
-Joy 12/17/12

You handled this issue expeditiously. Thank you. I am glad this is resolved.
–Dominique 03/24/11

“It is very comforting to be able to tell Co-Owners to call our Agent and know that action will be taken. Thanks MM for being a part of our team.”

– Rich 02/21/10

“I should have known you guys were on top of this!!!!”

-Joan 03/11/10

“Great and quick service.  Thank you.”   

Robert 06/03/10

“Mister Management, you are a very welcome addition to our Association!”

– Sandy 06/09/10

“Just a quick note to tell you all that you did a super job.  My husband said it was the best meeting we have had to date.  He, as well as many others, we’re impressed by our new management company team.”

–Vida 06/10/10


“Hi Craig, Thank you so very much for ‘your personal’ touch and your house call to assist with our refinancing situation. You saved this Old Man a great amount of frustration today.

“The deck was repaired in a timely manner, thank you for your quick response.”

–John 09/14/10