Board Meeting Participation & Preparation

  • Your property manager will be responsible for keeping track of when meetings are scheduled and sending out notifications and documents pertaining to the meeting

Communications (including emailed updates, work orders, status, etc.)

  • The board has the ability to call or e-mail your property manager about anything going on in the association and expect a response within a reasonable time

Complaints & Rules Administration

  • Your property manager will be the contact for all complaints and violations within the association.
  • The manager will report monthly to the board any issues within the association

Insurance Administration

  • Your manager will keep track of insurance payments and will notify the board when a renewal or an audit is coming up

Member Meeting Participation & Preparation

  • A mailing will be prepared for any meeting with all the members of the association and will be sent to each and every co-owner after it has been approved by the board of directors

Mister Management wants to provide our Board members with as many resources as we can gather. We treat each board according to their needs. The manager that is assigned to your association will be your main point of contact to get information or to get things done. The great thing about Mister Management is that because we are a small company, we are able to talk to each other daily to bounce ideas off of each other because we realize that each one of our managers has different strengths. We utilize each others strengths to empower our boards to make decisions with certainty.

Here are a few resources we offer our boards

Board of Director Resources

Mister Management, LLC.

Your Professional Property Management

Monthly Management Report

  • A report will be given each month to the board of directors that will overview what we have done for you in the past month

Policy Development Assistance

  • Using our growing knowledge of Condominium Law and associations' governing documents, we can assist you to develop legal and enforceable policies

Professional Services Selection

  • Mister Management has a vast selection of trusted vendors for any job your association could need including any legal services you may require

Record Keeping / Electronic Storage

  • We keep 7 years of financials and maintain important documents in electronic storage

Community Messages

  • Our software program provides us with the ability to send messages to any and/or all residents through each associations website, by mail, or by e-mail